College Readiness Webinars – Monthly Events through June!

Hello everyone! We had another fantastic college readiness webinar today! Interested in participating? They are for the entire family! Click on the link below to sign up!


T.E.L.L at Markham Reading Program 2/17/2015

Another wonderful day at the reading program!

T.E.L.L at Markham Reading Program – Valentine’s Day!


We are always looking for volunteers! Interested? Please click on the link below!

Valentine’s Day Pet Therapy Visit to VA Hospital – Nene the Dog!

Interested in getting involved in our Veterans projects? Please click on the link below!




Check out Listen Closely!!

We are excited to have formed a collaboration with this wonderful group! Please check them out!

Listen Closely cookies

July 2015 HTC Garden concert

Listen Closely is a new chamber music initiative in Inwood, currently in our second season of concerts. We are a growing coalition of chamber musicians living uptown, and we are dedicated to sharing quality chamber music with our neighborhood. Our name reflects our craft; as musicians, we are all about full-hearted listening to one another and sharing intimate and memorable musical experiences with others through live performance. Additionally, we are listening closely to the pulse of our community to discover where and how our music is needed most. Our hope is to create new and befriend existing music-lovers of our neighborhood, and to do our part in developing a strong and vibrant local chamber music scene. We believe that classical music can be a powerfully positive presence in a community, and we hope to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood by providing affordable and convenient access to live performances, as well as sparking new romances between uptown locals and live chamber music. So come and talk to us. Share your ideas and dreams for classical music in Inwood. We’ll listen!

H.E.A.L.T.H for Youths’ Upcoming Programming for 2015


Hello everyone! We’ve updated our programming calendar for the winter and spring! Click on the link below and check it out! Interested in volunteering! Please register for one of our upcoming events!

Million Trees and H.E.A.L.T.H for Youths Stewardship Program


Catching up with student Saachel Parker!

We had a wonderful chance to catch up today with our fantastic student Saachel Parker who was in the cohort of our 2010 class! Here she is at a workshop with us back in the summer of 2011. She currently works at Crystal & Company Brokerage Firm as an Associate Account Executive in the Commercial Property & Casualty (Middle Market/Real Estate Department.)

She has also agree to volunteer with us so we have to find something fantastic for her to do! Thank you Saachel for being one of our superstar students!!!!!


H.E.A.L.T.H for Youths’ Support Project for Members of Service and Veterans

2014-02-27 18.22.54

Hello everyone!! We have several projects geared towards service members including our pen pal project, mailing books to soldiers overseas and of course, our visits to the VA Hospital. Interested in participating? Please register on the link below and we’ll send you details about each program!

Riley-Levin Children’s Garden in Inwood – Getting read for the 2015 Season


We are happy to announce that our application for a garden plot at the Riley-Levin Children’s Garden in Inwood, Manhattan has been accepted! We will be growing lovely kale, potatoes and snow peas once again! We’re planning the crop for 2015 so if you’re interested in participating please register using the link below so we can make sure you’re a part of the process!


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